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One of the main reasons why families choose houses with basements is to have a safe hiding place during tornadoes and hurricanes. Another is for members of the family to have a dedicated place to store various items such as household tools and hardware, sets of electronic and mechanical equipment, sports gear, old toys and linens. If you are planning to have your own finished basement or a remodeling job done as soon as possible, it pays to be creative as there are a lot of design inspirations available and you can even pattern your basement ideas from those of the rich and famous (if money won’t be too much of a problem for you).


Start exploring these design options for your basement today:


Living/Entertainment room – Apart from putting tables,chairs and lamps, you can turn your basement space into a hangout for parties and simple cocktails with friends. Add to the design a nice bar area, a wine cellar, a small stage for jamming sessions, a table for playing billiards or poker, and a TV set plus your choice of gaming console (e.g. PlayStation, XBox, Wii). If you’re that adventurous and the space is huge, consider having a nice swimming pool or Jacuzzi for that resort-type feel.


Family room – Imagine you and your wife and kids, or your parents, brothers and sisters bonding over jokes and anecdotes or your favorite game, movie and TV show with trendy yet well-built and comfortable couches and bean bags, a flat-screen TV with surround-sound speakers, gaming consoles, a fireplace, and even a table for snacks and drinks like a large bowl of popcorn and glasses of fruit punch or soda. You may also use the area for playing cards or board games.


Home-office setup – You can turn your basement into an ideal workplace with the basics: computers, shelves for office documents and other items, and desks. No need to worry about being late anymore if work is so close to home.


Home theater – It would be really great to have your own cinema with an audio and video sound system, row seating setup, lights with adjustable control instead of the on-and-off switch, and a dome-shaped ceiling with fiber optic display that gives you the atmosphere of being under the night sky.


Play room for kids – With those cute toys, carefully put in as well the nice toy boxes for packing away after a fun play, rubber mats or other forms of carpeting, and bright-colored bookshelves to get kids to start early when it comes to reading.


Gym area – Save more by not getting a gym membership and working out in your basement instead. Fill it up with workout equipment like stationary bikes and treadmills, and yoga mats and a dependable audio sound system.


Laundry and ironing room – Doing the laundry and ironing your clothes would be a more interesting chore when you’re in a well-lit room with proper ventilation.


A guestroom – or even your new bedroom, using any theme that suits your personality or something that’s more out-of-the-box (like a bunker, perhaps?)

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